You’re invited to a Webinar featuring a highly spirited and entertaining Panel Discussion with;

  • Mark Stockwell, Senior Director of eInvoicing, Australian Taxation Office
  • David Field, Director OZEDI
  • Ann White, Director OZEDI
  • Christian Walkerden, CEO OZEDI

Watch, listen and learn as the Panel Members discuss;

  • All you need to know about enabling your software for eInvoicing without the investment required for ISO27001 certification and AS4 connectivity
  • Where to source API documentation, testing environments and onboarding assistance at no upfront cost
  • How to add value to your client’s eco-system engagement with free Activation Kits and bulk trading partner look up services

If you are a Digital Service Provider wondering how to enable your software for eInvoicing click here or the button below to register for this enlightening Webinar and Panel Discussion.