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eInvoicing – Faster. Simpler. Safer.

OZEDI allows you to easily connect to the eInvoicing network typically through your existing software provider. As one of Australia’s few owned and operated providers your invoices are sent and received using the global Peppol security standards. And eInvoicing is the future as Government and business moves to adopt it as standard.


  • Cost savings – Up to 70% cheaper than paper invoices.
  • Safe and secure – Invoices are sent and received directly to your software, reducing the risk of fraudulent invoices infiltrating your system.
  • Improve cash flow – Less errors and more automation means a faster turnaround in payment times.
  • Simple pricing – OZEDI has competitive solutions for all businesses no matter how big or small.
70% cheaper than traditional invoicing

Cost Savings

According to the Australian Taxation Office it can cost over $30 to process a paper or PDF email compared to less than $10 for eInvoicing.

Along with 70% costs savings eInvoicing provides greater security.

Scammers and spammers can’t easily access or send fraudulent invoices as is the case with email.

eInvoicing also reduces manual handling, multiple systems and re-keying of information, all of which dramatically lowers the risk or errors, mishandling or invoices getting lost.

And in an era when cashflow has never been more important, eInvoicing will reduce payment times, improving cash flow for all business, especially those that interact with government agencies.

From January 1 2020, the Federal Government has undertaken to pay eInvoices within five days or pay interest on late payments.

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Download your copy New Digital Service Provider Whitepaper - Software Development and Product Management

This paper is written to assist the leads of Product Development for Software Providers in preparing for electronic Peppol eInvoicing and business-to-business transacting. It covers what Peppol eInvoicing is and why it is so important. It shares a number of implementation options that can be combined in a flexible phased approach, starting with the simplest choice to quickly get eInvoicing enabled. It also includes considerations for choosing an Access Point.