OZEDI’s Superannuation Solution

  • Integration with your payroll system for ease of use
  • Data security from creation to completion
  • Instant payments option for one step processing
  • At last you get instant confirmation of payment received by fund!
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OZEDI understands the importance of providing a superannuation solution that can be integrated into payroll software via API’s. Such integration removes the necessity for portals and/or clearing houses and the associated security risks posed by the manual transfer of highly sensitive personal and financial data in SAFF or CSV files. In today’s increased data breach environment, mitigating security risks is top of mind at CEO and Board levels at all organisations.

OZEDI also appreciates the frustration identified with using clearing houses requiring payment well in advance and delays in processing funds through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS). These delays have meant that businesses are forced to provide early payments – sometimes up to 10-14 days in advance of the month’s end!

In 2023, OZEDI launched a new Superannuation solution specifically designed to streamline the superannuation payment process, driven directly from the end user’s payroll software.

Here’s what makes the OZEDI superannuation solution stand out:

  • The need for early payments has been almost eliminated
  • The entire amount is transferred instantly to our New Payments Platform (NPP) partner Zepto (2023 Fintech Organisation of the Year)
  • Funds are immediately distributed to superannuation funds
  • Confirmation of the money being cleared into each receiving fund’s bank account is provided (an important feature unavailable with the BECS system)
We provide a safe service

Ease of use

You need superannuation handling that’s integrated with your payroll system where everything you have to do is built in – not a third-party portal solution. OZEDI provides multiple options for payroll systems from full integration via APIs to a partial integration for staged implementation. We even provide a portal option with full processing for “getting started”.

Enhanced Data Security

Your employees’ private information must never be compromised! OZEDI’s integrated solution ensures your data is protected from the time it leaves your business until it arrives at the superannuation funds. OZEDI only keeps your data for the period required to prepare it and pass it into the network where it is encrypted in transit – then we delete it! We do not store your data and your employee information is not accessible via machine requests (APIs) or on the portal – it is invisible for the short period of processing.

We provide a safe service

Secure Online Portal

Access to real-time reporting and status updates of your contributions. Sign up below to start sending Superannuation contributions through OZEDI. You can upload and track past contributions through the OZEDI Direct portal.

Flexible Payment Options including RewardPay

OZEDI allows contributions to be paid via EFT from your bank account or you can now pay using your American Express (AMEX) card. Enjoy the benefits of cash flow control and earning reward points through our partnership with RewardPay. Find out more here

Flexible Payment Options

OZEDI’s new Superannuation Solution supports multiple payment options including instant payments! This option will improve your business cashflow as it bypasses the Bulk Electronic Clearing House (BECS) system which can tie up cash payments for a number of days.

  •  Instant payments via the New Payments Platform and PayTo
  • American Express via Reward Pay
  • EFT using a payment list or an ABA file your payroll system can create using
    payment details from OZEDI

If you’re an employer, this is an opportunity to be involved with the first real innovation in superannuation payments in the last 10 years. If you are interested in taking advantage of the OZEDI superannuation solution, you might look to involve your payroll provider. OZEDI has over 100 payroll software partners so if your payroll provider is not already using OZEDI please contact us and we will provide them with a technical kit to join the superannuation payment revolution!

If you are payroll solution provider contact us