OZEDI’s Business Funding Service

powered by Butn®

Give your customers access to the very best Business Funding solution

Seamless business funding available within your software today

OZEDI has partnered with Australian Business-to-Business (‘B2B’) funder Butn® to bring you a complete business funding solution that you can now integrate directly into your software.

From getting invoices paid early to paying for goods and services, your customers will have access to funding directly from your software, all with a click of a button.

Your customers can:

  • Instantly pay their suppliers for goods and services and protect their credit rating.
  • Repayment with easy instalment plans
  • Get paid by Butn as soon as goods and services are delivered to their customers. No debt collections, no hassle, instant cashflow

Smart Integration

  • Simple API integration
  • Accessed directly from your software
  • OZEDI Onboarding and Support

Smart integration with your software from two of the best in the business

With OZEDI’s new funding service, powered by Butn®, we’ll assist you to integrate directly into your software using simple API technology. Your customers will then be able to access our funding solutions directly from your application software. Combining our expertise in the software industry with Butn’s market leading experience in the funding industry, you’ll gain access to the smartest integration with the same high levels of support.

You’ll receive:

  • End-to-end onboarding – like any service with OZEDI, we’ll walk you through the process every step of the way. You can rely on our trusted team at OZEDI.
  • Testing and Sandbox environments – complete end-to-end testing and sandbox environments are available free of charge 
  • OZEDI Support – as with all OZEDI services, ongoing support and assistance is available and provided promptly to meet your needs