OZEDI & Zepto partner to deliver Australia’s first instant super fund payments

First-of-a-kind partnership will allow Australian businesses to instantly and securely pay
contributions to super funds nationally via the New Payment Platform (NPP)

17 August 2023, Sydney, Australia — OZEDI, Australasia’s leading digital delivery company, has
today announced its partnership with Zepto, the leader in instant and secure account-to-account
payments, to launch a new SuperStream service that will allow Australian businesses to instantly and
securely pay contributions to super funds for the first time.

The announcement comes shortly after the Australian Government announced that, from 1 July
2026, employers will be required to pay their employees’ super at the same time as their salary and

Traditionally, Australian businesses would pay super contributions via the Bulk Electronic Clearing
House (BECS) system which would tie up cash payments for a few days before finalising the transfer
of money to respective super funds.

David Field, Director of OZEDI, commented on the partnership, explaining that; “As a result of our
partnership with Zepto, OZEDI’s new SuperStream service is able to provide instant payment
capability for Australian businesses paying employee super. Unlike the existing BECS system, the
ability to provide immediate payments brings significant cash flow advantages to companies.”

In order to incorporate immediate payments into its new SuperStream solution, OZEDI has
overcome several technical and commercial challenges and partnered with Fintech scale-up and
Business NSW 2022 Business of the Year, Zepto.

Chris Jewell, CEO and Co-Founder of Zepto said, “We are incredibly excited about establishing an
important relationship with OZEDI and delivering a partnership that will positively impact the cash
flow of businesses across Australia.”

Existing at the infrastructure layer of the payments ecosystem, Zepto is pioneering a new era of
financial services by decentralising access to Australia’s real-time payments rails, the New Payments
Platform (NPP), to enable instant payments via PayTo for businesses.  Zepto is the first organisation
to enable superannuation payments using PayTo over the NPP.

“The economy is changing, and payments infrastructure needs to change with it. Our direct
connection to the NPP puts us in a unique position to support our partners and the wider ecosystem
to innovate the flow of value for end-users and customers,” Jewell added.

The NPP is the result of industry collaboration to upgrade the Australian payments system in
response to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Payments System Board’s desire to enable households,
businesses and government agencies to make real time payments on a 24×7 basis. PayTo is a service
native to the NPP that facilitates pre-authorised, real-time payments between bank accounts.

Katrina Stuart, General Manager, Business Payments, at Australian Payments Plus (AP+) said it was
great to see the New Payments Platform and its PayTo service being used for superannuation

“We’re starting to see real-time payment innovations and applications emerge across various
industries as awareness and adoption of PayTo grows. We are delighted to see use cases taking
shape beyond PayTo simply being seen as a digital version of direct debit. This partnership between
OZEDI and Zepto to enable real-time SuperStream payments over the NPP for the first time is one
such example. As the industry prepares for the future decommissioning of the BECS framework we
expect to see greater adoption of the NPP for superannuation payments alongside other types of
corporate payments and government initiatives such as Payday Super is only likely to further
accelerate this adoption.”

Zepto was Australia’s first non-ADI fintech approved to connect directly to the NPP as a ‘Connected
Institution’ and the first non-bank payments provider to become an Accredited Data Recipient.
Similarly, OZEDI was one of the first gateways to join the SuperStream network and continues to be
at the forefront of super payments innovation. The partnership represents a shared vision to
continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible in payments.